Welcome to the Advanced Photo Retouching Upgrade Class with WALE_VISUALS

Are you ready to elevate your retouching skills to the next level? In this course, we're not just focusing on making your photos look better; we're honing in on the art of creating realism. You'll learn the tricks and hacks that will not only enhance your images but also maintain their authenticity.

Join us as we embark on a journey to unleash the full potential of your retouching skills. Let's make your pictures not just better, but truly remarkable.

I. Introduction to Advanced Photo Retouching

    A. Overview of the class objectives and goals

    B. Importance of advanced retouching skills in professional photography

    C. Introduction to the software/tools used (e.g., Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)

II. Advanced Techniques in Skin Retouching

    A. Understanding different skin types and textures

    B. Advanced frequency separation techniques

    C. Dodging and burning for subtle skin enhancements

    D. Dealing with blemishes, scars, and imperfections

III. Portrait Enhancement Techniques

    A. Enhancing facial features (eyes, lips, etc.) while maintaining natural appearance

    B. Teeth whitening and smile enhancement

    C. Hair retouching and styling techniques

    D. Adding or enhancing makeup effects

IV. Clothing and Object Retouching

    A. Removing wrinkles, folds, and unwanted creases from clothing

    B. Enhancing texture and details in fabric

    C. Object removal and replacement techniques

    D. Color correction and adjustment for clothing and objects

V. Background and Environment Retouching

    A. Advanced selection and masking techniques for complex backgrounds

    B. Adding or changing background elements

    C. Creating depth and atmosphere through background enhancements

    D. Seamless integration of subjects into new backgrounds

VI. Creative Effects and Manipulations

    A. Adding artistic filters and effects for creative flair

    B. Creating surreal or fantasy compositions

    C. Manipulating light and shadow for dramatic effect

    D. Exploring composing techniques for unique storytelling

VII. Workflow Optimization and Productivity Tips

    A. Streamlining retouching workflow for efficiency

    B. Utilizing actions, presets, and batch processing

    C. Organization and file management best practices

    D. Time-saving tips and tricks for faster retouching

FEE : 250k

DURATION : 4 days

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