Module 1: Introduction to Photography

1.1 What is photography?

  • History and evolution of photography
  • Importance and applications of photography.


  • Introduction to various types of cameras (DSLR, mirrorless, point-and-shoot, smartphone)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different camera types

Module 2: Understanding Your Camera

2.1 Camera Anatomy

  • Overview of essential camera components (lens, sensor, shutter, aperture, ISO, etc.)

2.2 Camera Settings

  • Explanation of key camera settings and their functions (shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, etc.)
  • How to navigate your camera's menu and settings

Module 3: Exposure Triangle

3.1 Exposure Basics

  • Understanding the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO in achieving proper exposure.

3.2 Aperture

  • In-depth look at aperture settings and their impact on depth of field and exposure

3.3 Shutter Speed

  • An explanation of shutter speed and its role in freezing or blurring motion

3.4 ISO

  • Understanding ISO sensitivity and its effects on image noise

Module 4: Composition and Framing

4.1 Rule of Thirds

  • Introduction to the rule of thirds for better composition

4.2 Framing and Leading Lines

  • Techniques for framing subjects and using leading lines in composition

4.3 Lighting and Shadow

  • Utilizing natural and artificial light for creative composition

Module 5: Focus and Depth of Field

5.1 Autofocus vs. Manual Focus

  • Understanding the autofocus system and when to use manual focus

5.2 Depth of Field

  • Explaining how aperture settings affect depth of field.

Module 6: Photography Genres

6.1 Styles Photography

Module 7: Six essential requirements to make a photographic image

Module 5: Post-Processing and Editing

5.1 Raw image processing

5.2 Basic editing ( exposure correction, color balance, white balance, contrast, saturation and vibrance)

This package is intended for those who are just starting out and want to explore the world of photography.

Duration : 1 month ( 3 TIMES IN A WEEK )

Investment : N600,000


Module 1: Advanced Camera Control

1.1 Mastering Manual Mode

in-depth exploration of manual camera settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO).

Understanding exposure compensation and metering modes

1.2 White Balance and Color Temperature

How to control white balance and manage color temperature effectively

creative applications of different white balance settings.

Module 2: Composition and Creativity

2.1 Advanced Composition Techniques

Rule of odds, framing, symmetry, and other advanced composition principles

using composition to tell more compelling visual stories.

2.2 Creative Use of Light

Techniques for dramatic lighting, silhouettes, and light painting

Understanding the impact of color temperature and direction of light

Module 3: Lens Selection and Accessories

3.1 Lens Selection

exploring various lens types (wide-angle, prime, zoom, and macro).

choosing the right lens for different photography genres.

3.2 Filters and Accessories

The role of filters (polarizers, ND filters) in photography

utilizing accessories like tripods, remote triggers, and flash units.

Module 4: Advanced Photography Genres

4.1 Portraiture Beyond Basics

Advanced portrait lighting techniques (Rembrandt, split, butterfly lighting)

posing for creative and candid portrait photography.

4.2 Landscape Photography Mastery

Long exposure, focus stacking, and advanced composition for landscapes

Techniques for capturing stunning sunrise and sunset shots

Module 5: Post-Processing and Editing

5.1 Advanced Editing Techniques

image processing using Camera raw, Capture 1

skin tone correction

frequency seperation

micro and global dodge and burn

how to color-grade all skin types

how to color grade like WALE VISUALS

composing in Adobe Photoshop

free Photoshop and retouching softwares

free customized retouching presets and photoshop actions

5.2 Color Grading and Creative Processing

creative color grading techniques for enhancing mood and style.

developing a unique post-processing signature.

Module 6: Storytelling and Conceptual Photography

6.1 Conceptual Photography

developing and executing photographic concepts.

using symbolism and metaphor in photography.

6.2 Visual Storytelling

creating a series of images to convey a narrative or theme.

building a photography project from concept to execution.

Module 7: Portfolio Building and Personal Branding

7.1 Building a Photography Portfolio

selecting and curating images for a compelling portfolio.

creating an online portfolio and presenting your work effectively.

7.2 Personal Branding for Photographers

Establishing your unique photographic style and voice

Strategies for marketing and promoting your photography services

Module 8: Real-World Projects and Critiques

8.1 Field Assignments

real-world photography projects and assignments.

On-location photo shoots and critiques

8.2 Group Discussions and Critiques

collaborative group discussions and constructive image critiques.

learning from peers and providing feedback.

Module 9: Business and Legal Aspects

9.1 Photography as a Business

setting up a photography business, marketing, and client management.

pricing, contracts, and licensing for photographers.

9.2 Copyright and Intellectual Property

Understanding copyright laws and intellectual property rights in photography

protecting your work and navigating copyright infringement issues.

Module 10: Continuing Education and Career Development

10.1 Staying Current in Photography

exploring new trends, technologies, and emerging photography genres.

The importance of continued learning and professional development

10.2 Career Paths and Specialization

exploring different career paths and specialization options in photography.

developing a career plan and pursuing your photography passions.

An intermediate photography class is typically a level of photography instruction that follows a beginner or introductory course. It is designed for individuals who have a basic understanding of photography concepts and camera operation but are looking to delve deeper into the art and craft of photography.

Duration :3 WEEKS ( 3 TIMES A WEEK )

Investment : N 400,000


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